Clouds for Brains

I couldn't resist reproducing the following parody of religiously-motivated distortion in its entirety:

"Once again, the proposed material mechanisms of meteorology might be adequate for making extremely short-term predictions. But the inability of atmohsphereic scientists to make accurate long-term predictions based on these mechanisms clearly demonstrates that natural processes alone are incapable of producing complex weather systems. Anything more than about 15 days out has all of the marks of being designed by an intelligent agency. Astronomers don’t seem to have a problem making long-term predictions based on the known laws of nature. In fact, I have a program on my computer called Starry Night that can determine, with absolute precision, the exact location of any heavenly body at any point in time - backwards or forwards! And not just natural objects like planets and moons, but man-made satellites as well. But the long-term behavior of earth’s atmosphere, on the other hand, continues to defy our pathetic attempts to describe it purely in terms of physical cause and effect.

Now some scientists, obviously driven by a dogmatic adherence to atheism, will claim that the edge of meteorology is not a failure of methodological naturalism, but instead demonstrates that some things in nature are too complex for us to fully understand; and since we lack the computing ability to process the enormous amounts of data required to model something as dynamic as the earth’s atmosphere, making accurate long-term predictions is next to impossible. But this is just a secular smoke-screen. If you have any lingering doubts as to how committed these scientists are to their godless ideas, I’ve heard some of them claim that even a tiny butterfly flapping its wings at just the right time and in just the right place can cause entire
weather systems to self-organize. Can you believe that? Now that’s just plain silly! How can such a tiny, insignificant, random and undirected event ever create something as complex or destructive as a tornado? Give me a break!"

Like the person who wrote the parody, I am unimpressed by the arguments of intelligent design creationists. Beneath their fear and focus on personal reward, they appear to think that simply because they cannot understand something then it must reflect the interference of that Menace of the Skies, the Mythical Supernatural Supreme Interferor – God.

Creationists, whoever and wherever you are, your ideas are just as godless as those of atheists, you just don't have the wit to know it.

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