Bay at Fundies

Theists reactively accuse atheists of warranting the same labels that are justifiably leveled at the more problematic aspects of theism:

Theist accusation: "Dawkins is a fundamentalist."

This contrasts to the actual definition of fundamentalism:
"A term originally applied to conservative, Bible-centered Protestant Christians (many of whom now prefer to call themselves "evangelicals"), but more recently extended to apply to the religiously authoritarian of all sorts (including classical Christians, Jews, and Muslims) who interpret their scriptures literally and in general favor a strict adherence to certain traditional doctrines and practices." [source]

"Fundamentalism is the belief in absolute religious authority and the demand that this religious authority be legally enforced. Often, fundamentalism involves the willingness to do battle for one's faith. Fundamentalists make up only one part of any religion's followers, who usually fall along a wide spectrum of different interpretations, values and beliefs."[source]

It would be much more accurate to describe Dawkins as anti-fundamentalist. Of course, theists could not be theists if they were particularly interested in accuracy.

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