Surrealistic Lilliputian Realm

The Downfall of IDiocy: We wish!

These nefarious people, like all creationists, simply refuse to admit that they are beaten. I guess that, since truth matters nothing to creationists, they will not feel defeated until the donations from credulous pseudo-intellectual sheep dry up.

The ill-named Discovery Institute continues to pretend that it has legitimate points. It continues to resort to cheat-tactics – lies, perjury, illogic, and false DMCA claims. The latter are particularly ironic in view of DI's purloining a beautiful video that was made for, and belongs to, Harvard University. (The video contains only a musical background. Interpretion here.)

"magnificent animation of the internal workings of a cell that was ripped off, first by William Dembski, and then by the makers of 'Expelled', as the [linked] eMail explains"
Dembski made some weasel comments about this on his website, but he's mistaken if he thinks that his deceptive IDiocy will soon be forgotten. "Surrealistic Lilliputian Realm" indeed! That pretty much sums up the collective cognitive function of the Dickovery Institute. Or should that be Dissembly Institute?

Sound Familiar?

Words changed to disguise the original topic:

"As the ___ communities became established, they sometimes faced opposition from ...s and ---s who [see] this new ideology as a threat and suspected its adherents of engaging in immoral and socially destructive practices . . . . This opposition sometimes led to local [ostracism] of ___s . . . . As ___ grew, it eventually converted intellectuals to the ideology, who were well equipped to discuss and dismiss the charges typically raised against the ___s. The writings of these intellectuals are . . . . intellectual defences of the new ideology, trying to show that far from being a threat to the social structure of the ~~~, __ preached moral behavior; and far from being a dangerous superstition, it represented the [epistemic] truth in its [rejection of religious claims]. These [books] are important for ___ readers, as they provided them with the arguments they needed when themselves faced with [ostracism]."
It's probably not difficult to guess what ___, ..., ---, ~~~ could represent on a blog such as this.

It might not be too difficult to figure out what the original text says. I was particularly amused by, "a threat and suspected its adherents of engaging in immoral and socially destructive practices ".

Latter Day Stupidity

LDS beliefs are so preposterous that it's a wonder that even believers could be fooled into Moroni's flock. I have always thought that the mythical golden-tablet-lending angel was aptly named.

With undies like these, one wonders how they manage to produce indecently large families.

Why be forebearing? Give in to temptation...only take care to shoot over their heads.

Come again? He probably was never here once.