Who Invented the Bible?

This playlist includes 11 of 12 parts of a BBC program examining the authorship of the Bible. An academic theologian examines some of the evidence. The revelations are marred only by the fact that apologists are given the opportunity to rationalize the evidence away. Balanced reporting would have permitted atheists to point out the glaring errors in their denials and excuses.

Ah well, at least the program discusses the fact that the Bible is a flawed human invention! Archaeology falsifies the historicity of the OT. Biblical scholars agree that authorship is not as it is presented (except some Pauline letters and James). The program does briefly mention that the Gospels contradict one another.

Much about biblical errors was omitted — accidental and deliberate transcription inaccuracies, widespread contradictions, and additions to the Bible that were made as late as the early 17th century. That is without even mentioning the alternate versions of Christianity that were practically erased from history by the victorious version of biblical fiction.

However, the program only runs less than 2 hours, and a complete exposé of all the problems would probably take weeks.

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