Dickovery Institute

I have been irritated by the IDiotic agenda of the Dickovery Institute^ since I first learned of its lies.

Since the proponents of IDiocy conduct no scientific research, we can only conclude that it is fitting that so many of their number are lawyers, rather than scientists. Indeed, IDiocy's pet biochemist, the little-published* Michael Behe, is clearly an embarrassment to Lehigh University.

Judging by their output, it appears that DI's full-time scientific staff devote themselves solely to scouring the scientific literature for material so carelessly worded as to be useful for quote mining.

^ I continue to refuse to provide authority-conferring links to the websites of those with an agenda of which I strongly disapprove. It's fine to ridicule their egregious misinformation, but don't boost them further up search-engine rankings! I was horrified when a search for "evolution" placed creationist liars at the top.

* In peer-reviewed scientific journals, that is. Having sold books containing deceitful distortions to credulous sheep is scarcely an "achievement" that confers bragging rights. Publishers, after all, care only about profits and not about accuracy of content.

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