Misquoting Jesus - Edited Edition

I found this lecture very interesting, but a little long for reference purposes. So, I have edited the lecture segments into those topics that address textural alterations, both accidental and deliberate, and inconsistencies between Gospel accounts.

I have also added most of Ehrman's answers from the Q&A session that followed the lecture.

I find it horrifying that so much prejudice and oppression has been based on this highly flawed invention.

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Transcription errors .
Earliest fragment of copy (P52) and palaeography .
Estimating the numbers of mistakes .
Intentional mistakes .
Altered account of end times .
Late addition of adulteress story .
Late addition of snake handling .
Did Jesus feel anger or compassion? .
Discrepancies in resurrection accounts .
Discrepancies in crucifixion accounts .
Forgiveness and oppression – politically inspired textural alterations .
Alterations aimed at silencing women .
Summary of textural criticism .

Q&A topics
Marcion of Sinope .
Gospel of Judas, and Gnosticism .
First Clement and First Corinthians .
First Council of Nicaea .
Impact of textural errors .
Attempting reconciliation of discrepancies .
Ignoring long-recognized biblical discrepancies .
Authority – whom to believe .
Inclusion and canon .
Trinity and Torah .
Language, oral tradition, accuracy of Jewish scribes .

The full lecture can be found in this playlist.

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