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The End Days
Old article, but scary nonetheless. I am so glad that I don't live in America—or Alberta. My condolences to those of you who are alarmed by what is happening to your country.

Even though this took place in 2007, I doubt that they have given up their struggle for theocratic domination and submitted to psychiatric treatment.

The writer clearly has an opinion of these "good folk" that matches mine. I might have suspected liberal bias if I had not had many encounters with these types on the Internet. In view of my clinical assessment of some the fundies that I have encountered, I think that the writer was using very mild language.

I am confident that you can deduce why I am highlighting the article excerpts in brown.

Christian Reconstructionists Trying to Take Dominion in America
Monday 02 July 2007

"A recent conference held by American Vision, a radical ministry that toils away to "help Christians build a truly Biblical worldview," displayed the growing organization of the dangerous Reconstructionist movement.

...hundreds of Religious Right activists and their families made their way there for a four-day "Worldview Super Conference." They came to hear fundamentalist Christian speakers rail about the nation's moral confusion, claim the public schools are bastions of secular humanism and warn that Christians, especially their type of Christians, are in danger of being persecuted by America."

I am not in favour of persecution of anyone, but it would be nice to see these types disempowered.

"Based in Powder Springs, Ga., American Vision also produces reams of material that push Christian Reconstructionism, a form of fundamentalism that argues for a re-writing of American history, dismantling secular democracy and constructing an America governed by "biblical law." Reconstructionists seek to impose the criminal code of the Old Testament, applying the death penalty for homosexuals, adulterers, fornicators, witches, incorrigible juvenile delinquents and those who spread false religions."

Yes, folks, you too can have a homegrown version of Sharia law. I imagine that a burqua would damage Britney Spears' career.

"Despite its overtly radical theocratic agenda, American Vision is allied with some of the Religious Right's most powerful outfits. This year's conference was cosponsored by the Alliance Defense Fund, a well-funded Religious Right lawyers' outfit that James Dobson and other religious broadcasters helped create; Michael Farris's Home School Legal Defense Association; the late TV preacher Jerry Falwell's Liberty University School of Law; and World Magazine, Marvin Olasky's influential evangelical Christian periodical.


"Defamation," Cass argued, "is the precursor to persecution." Defamation leads to marginalization, he continued, and marginalization sets the "stage for discrimination," which inevitably leads to the final stage of religious cleansing."

Which, of course, is exactly what these, er, bigots do to any group of which they disapprove. Their hit list does not merely include the traditional bonfire favourites like homosexuals* and apostates*, but Christians who aren't Christian enough or Conservative enough for these, er, bigots. Needless to say, they despise Obama with a unifying passion. I fear that many of them, despite their obsessive concerns for embryos and fetuses, would happily burn Obama at the stake.

Papa Cass gets even more charming:

""Genocide being the ultimate expression," Cass declared, "the deliberate, systematic extermination of a group of people." Kind of like what is happening in Sudan's Darfur region, he added."
That sounds suspiciously like a hint to me.

I guess that he assumed that his audience would actually know that Sudan is in Africa.

"On the conference's first day, attendees gathered in Ridgecrest's Spilman Auditorium were treated to a lengthy rant against public schools by a Baptist preacher from Texas.

All the railing against public schools and other state-supported institutions has long been a focal point for Christian Reconstructionists, whose goal is a society where their harsh version of biblical law permeates everything. DeMar provided a platform for some of the movement's most radical voices.

"If we encourage our daughters to pursue a careerist philosophy," the Vision Forum's mission statement reads, "if we fail to make our homes economically vital, hospitable centers for love and learning, we are hypocrites."
Well, many of them undoubtedly are hypocrites, but not for that reason.

Good Christians must subjugate their women. It says so in the Bible.

The article goes on, but I'm feeling rather queezy at the thought of American women struggling under the domination of these equine vacuities.

If you are not nauseous, here is the link.

* Just in case it is not clear that I am being facetious here, let me be clear that I am horrified that "Christians" used to burn people at the stake for homosexuality and apostasy (or even heretical disagreement with any aspect of Church dogma). Even more horrifying, some religions continue to kill those considered guilty of homosexuality and apostasy.

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