More Regressive Conservative Blunders

The appropriately named, John Tory, is stepping down as leader of the Ontario “Progressive” Conservatives. In a formerly secure rural Conservative riding, vacated especially for Tory’s attempt to regain a seat, victory went to the Liberal candidate.

So, why mention this on an atheist blog?

In 2007, Tory lost his seat in the Provincial legislature when he foolishly suggested that the province fund the teaching of creationism in religious schools. His suggestion created an uproar and the Liberals won a decisive victory.

American politicians and voters ought to learn from this event. So ought Canadian voters observe the religion-Regressive connection and realize that Canada does not need a religion-backed power-monger from Alberta.

Why blame religion? Why blame Alberta?

In a 2008 poll:
“Among Canadians, 58 percent accept evolution, while 22 percent think that God created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 years, and 20 percent are unsure ..."

That adds up to 78% who are not convinced by creationist deceits and propaganda.

Ontario does not need a leader who cannot do math. Ontario does not need a leader who does not know that this is not the American Bible Belt.
"Men [were] more inclined than women to believe in evolution (69% versus 48%); women [were] more prone to believe in creationism (28% versus 16%) ... Males (69%), younger adults (67%) and those with at least one university degree (71%) [were] more inclined to believe in evolution ... [and] Albertans (40%) and Conservative Party supporters (29%) [were] more likely to think humans were created by God."
That’s why I blame religion, that’s why I blame Alberta. On the other hand, I suppose that I could blame older, uneducated, women, but they are presumably spread across the country.

The political fact is that federal Regressive Conservatives attained a useless minority government largely through the voting preferences of Albertans.

I also blame the inability of many voters to accurately assess Stevie Blunder’s character.

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