On the Origin of Cdesign Proponentsists

Before Darwin there were the religious and creationists.

Then, 150 years ago, Darwin implicitly declared "let there be light".

And the Word was Natural Selection.

Immediately after publication of Darwin's On the Origin of Species there was a public outcry, sarcastic cartoons, and worried clergy. Darwin's acknowledgement that humans are animals contradicted religious myths of special creation. Darwin suggested a simple mechanism by which biological evolution had occurred, contradicting the creation myth in Genesis. The furor increased after the 1871 publication of The Descent of Man.

The religious powers-that-were need not have worried – the religiously-deluded public has repeatedly demonstrated its extraordinary ability to cling to delusions in the face of the facts. Nowhere is this more true than in the Uninformed States of America.

In the map below, the level of lucidity (rationality) of counties with in the US is colour-coded from red (least informed) to blue (best informed). The colour coding is based on polling in 2004.

In 1989, on the 130th anniversary of Origin's publication, American creationists mutated into cdesign proponentsists.

They need not have worried that this transparent substitution mutation would do them great harm – except in Dover, Pennsylvania – because evolutionists already knew that IDiocy was creationism, and donate-to-God-causes creationists care nothing about truth.

"On the Origin of Species" was published on November 24, 1859. Darwin's works are available at The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online.

We ought not be surprised that creationists would use the occasion of the 150th anniversary of publication of "Origin" to attempt to scam money. Even though Cameron and Comfort claim to have the intention of saving American society from the ravages of atheism, it is highly likely that they will retain a considerable portion of any money raised through the donations of credulous sheeple.

Best policy for evolutionists and atheists? On November 19th, pop down to one of the 50-100 targetted universities and secure your copy of "Origins", complete with 50 pages of lies compiled by Comfort.

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