Inverse Correlation: IQ vs Religiosity

An inverse or negative correlation indicates that as one variable goes up, the other variable goes down. That is, as one variable increases, the other variable decreases. Correlation does not necessarily indicate causation.

Numerous studies demonstrate an inverse or negative correlation between religiosity and:
educational level, particularly education in science
liberal moral attitudes
acceptance of the fact of biological evolution

I made this video to illustrate an earlier post.

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Let me be clear. I emphatically do not regard the observed performance differences between wealthy and impoverished nations as representing genetic differences. The potential capacities of the populations of wealthy and deprived nations are almost certainly equivalent. Raise an impoverished infant from Senegal in one of the enlightened, wealthy nations and that child will perform far ahead of the level that it could have achieved in a deprived setting.

Rather, the problem revealed by the numbers is more insidious than that postulated by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that environmental enrichment (adoption of children from orphanages into regular homes) is associated with an increase in measured IQ.

Brains are plastic – cognitive capacities respond favourably to stimulation and unfavourably to deprivation. Through education, brains can be trained to think effectively – logically and critically. This is not to say that education can create Einsteins, it is to say that education can elevate individuals to their level of genetically-endowed potential.

The problem that these studies actually highlight is political, economic, and moral. Religiosity is associated with narrow, authoritarian, punitive moralistics and with damaging social discrimination. Religiosity is correlated with lower levels of education and lower IQ levels. Chicken, egg? Religious dogma both thrives upon and deliberately impairs logical thinking and rationality. This, more than suicide bombers, fatwahs, and intifadas is the clear and present danger attributable to religion.

If the Uninformed States of America were not so enslaved to directions from their politically manipulative religious leaders, Georgio Dubya Borgia might never have been President once, let alone twice. After all, there is only so far that cheating through deliberately misprinted ballots and altered electronic polling can distort results.

Think of how much better a place the entire world would have been without 8 horrific years of the Administration of Evil.

The good news is that if Borgia had not been such a horror story, Dotty and McFail might have won. There is nothing worse for Republican fortunes than a dose of Republican reality – Entamoeba historytica, so to speak.

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