CAD - Dastardly Stubborn Mean IV Revised Revisited

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This video sprang from an old post on my blog and from the fact that I dislike the attitudes of a subset of the human race who frequently exhibit deliberately ignorant, hypocritical, hateful, bigotry that they justify according to ancient, dogmatic vitriol.

In this video I do not mean to imply that all political conservatives exhibit this cognitive-personality disorder. (Before you start screeching, I am qualified to write of personality disorders.)

However, this video does illustrate a readily observable phenomenon of highly unpleasant chosen attitudes amongst a subgroup of individuals who brag of being religio-political fundamentalists.

The most obvious group with such bigotted attitudes on YouTube comprises a combative group of right-wing, Conservative, Republican, ultra-patriotic, fundamentalist [sic], Christians. (Fistians, in short.) They are easily recognized, particularly when they resort to their favourite jeer of, "you are going to burn in hell!" ..... with "God Bless" hastilly appended as an afterthought. (Just in case "God" is watching.)

Some say that the minds of these individuals cannot be changed by ridicule. I agree in so far as the minds of these types are slammed shut and in so far as personality disorders are notoriously difficult to treat. However, this does not mean that these fundamentalists should be allowed to trumpet their bigotry and illogic without challenge.

It does mean that their illogic and misinformation must be challenged so that those who are uncertain of realities cannot be duped by the shear volume and persistence of deceitful rhetoric. Exposing their lies, illogic, ignorance, and emotionally manipulative agendas cannot hurt. It also means that there must be concerted political effort aimed at undermining the efforts of religio-political propagandists.

Addendum: while it is true that this disorder has not been included in the DSM, it transpires that a researcher has delved into the phenomenon [here].

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Thank you, Margaret.

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