Youtube vs The Users - More YT games

“There have been a lot of shenanigans like this recently, and I've gone from regarding youtube as merely poorly managed to suspecting that they are actively evil.”

- PZ Myers on Pharyngula.

Someone else thinks as I do – YouTube’s management must be overrun by “Christians”.

At the very least, the folk at YT should be sent to mandatory courses on public relations and optimal management strategies.

Why do I say this? YT has mismanaged this entire affair. What began as a suggestion to contact YT by a means that even they might not ignore, has turned into an upload blitzkreig.

Some heads ought to roll over this mismanagement.

YT's engineers have been busy during unscheduled "maintenance"

A search for "Youtube vs The Users" (the tags on dprjones' votebot war video) yielded about 10 pages of mirror uploads a few hours ago.

Now, it yields 1 page and then this message:
"Some search results have been omitted that contain duplicates. If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included"

I did not bother with the repeat because dprjones video should have appeared on page 1, and, mystery of mysteries, it didn't.

YT management playing games, no doubt.

Here are the 1 day old video's statistics as of 10 minutes ago:

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Sins, Evils, and Abominations

Has anyone else ever noticed that intelligent, quality programmes disappear while fake reality programmes survive? Unfortunately, many people simply could not follow the fast pace of dialogue on The West Wing.

Here's the only correct way to use Bible quotes.

A lovely take-down of a character who is clearly intended to parallel ultra-bigot "Dr" Laura Schleppflinger.

CAD - Dastardly Stubborn Mean IV Revised Revisited

Hi Q.

This video sprang from an old post on my blog and from the fact that I dislike the attitudes of a subset of the human race who frequently exhibit deliberately ignorant, hypocritical, hateful, bigotry that they justify according to ancient, dogmatic vitriol.

In this video I do not mean to imply that all political conservatives exhibit this cognitive-personality disorder. (Before you start screeching, I am qualified to write of personality disorders.)

However, this video does illustrate a readily observable phenomenon of highly unpleasant chosen attitudes amongst a subgroup of individuals who brag of being religio-political fundamentalists.

The most obvious group with such bigotted attitudes on YouTube comprises a combative group of right-wing, Conservative, Republican, ultra-patriotic, fundamentalist [sic], Christians. (Fistians, in short.) They are easily recognized, particularly when they resort to their favourite jeer of, "you are going to burn in hell!" ..... with "God Bless" hastilly appended as an afterthought. (Just in case "God" is watching.)

Some say that the minds of these individuals cannot be changed by ridicule. I agree in so far as the minds of these types are slammed shut and in so far as personality disorders are notoriously difficult to treat. However, this does not mean that these fundamentalists should be allowed to trumpet their bigotry and illogic without challenge.

It does mean that their illogic and misinformation must be challenged so that those who are uncertain of realities cannot be duped by the shear volume and persistence of deceitful rhetoric. Exposing their lies, illogic, ignorance, and emotionally manipulative agendas cannot hurt. It also means that there must be concerted political effort aimed at undermining the efforts of religio-political propagandists.

Addendum: while it is true that this disorder has not been included in the DSM, it transpires that a researcher has delved into the phenomenon [here].

å All Concepts are NOT created Equal
å Conservative Antisocial Disorder (CAD)
å Dastardly Stubborn Mean IV Revised
å Fistians and Fuzzy Illogic

Happy 200 Anno Darwini

Charles Darwin would have turned 200 on February 12, 2009. Happy 200 Anno Darwini to all who are enlightened enough to be delighted about this thorn in creationist sides!

"On the Origin of Species" was published on November 24, 1859. Darwin's works are available at The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online.

Follow(ers) Up

The odd-looking image above is a cartogram, a map in which the sizes of counties are rescaled according to electoral colleges. The colours reflects percentage of votes cast for the Democrats versus the Republicans.

Links to maps:
2004 election .
2004 election - textured map .
2008 election .
On the Christian Science Monitor website, a Christian-biased analysis of socioeconomic factors underlying of political affiliations - read pro-Republican . No surprise, the greater the educational level, and the higher the income, the more likely a demographic will vote Democrat.
Social and economic cartograms .

å Where have all the followers gone? .

Inverse Correlation: IQ vs Religiosity

An inverse or negative correlation indicates that as one variable goes up, the other variable goes down. That is, as one variable increases, the other variable decreases. Correlation does not necessarily indicate causation.

Numerous studies demonstrate an inverse or negative correlation between religiosity and:
educational level, particularly education in science
liberal moral attitudes
acceptance of the fact of biological evolution

I made this video to illustrate an earlier post.

Hi Q .

Let me be clear. I emphatically do not regard the observed performance differences between wealthy and impoverished nations as representing genetic differences. The potential capacities of the populations of wealthy and deprived nations are almost certainly equivalent. Raise an impoverished infant from Senegal in one of the enlightened, wealthy nations and that child will perform far ahead of the level that it could have achieved in a deprived setting.

Rather, the problem revealed by the numbers is more insidious than that postulated by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that environmental enrichment (adoption of children from orphanages into regular homes) is associated with an increase in measured IQ.

Brains are plastic – cognitive capacities respond favourably to stimulation and unfavourably to deprivation. Through education, brains can be trained to think effectively – logically and critically. This is not to say that education can create Einsteins, it is to say that education can elevate individuals to their level of genetically-endowed potential.

The problem that these studies actually highlight is political, economic, and moral. Religiosity is associated with narrow, authoritarian, punitive moralistics and with damaging social discrimination. Religiosity is correlated with lower levels of education and lower IQ levels. Chicken, egg? Religious dogma both thrives upon and deliberately impairs logical thinking and rationality. This, more than suicide bombers, fatwahs, and intifadas is the clear and present danger attributable to religion.

If the Uninformed States of America were not so enslaved to directions from their politically manipulative religious leaders, Georgio Dubya Borgia might never have been President once, let alone twice. After all, there is only so far that cheating through deliberately misprinted ballots and altered electronic polling can distort results.

Think of how much better a place the entire world would have been without 8 horrific years of the Administration of Evil.

The good news is that if Borgia had not been such a horror story, Dotty and McFail might have won. There is nothing worse for Republican fortunes than a dose of Republican reality – Entamoeba historytica, so to speak.

IQ vs Religiosity .
Religion and IQ .
Biblical literalism or low IQ: which came first? .
Higher IQ ~ more atheism internationally .
Analyses of IQ and the Wealth of Nations .

Test Results:
PISA 2006 results .

Economic and Social .

worldmapper .

å Worse than Reported? .

On the Origin of Cdesign Proponentsists

Before Darwin there were the religious and creationists.

Then, 150 years ago, Darwin implicitly declared "let there be light".

And the Word was Natural Selection.

Immediately after publication of Darwin's On the Origin of Species there was a public outcry, sarcastic cartoons, and worried clergy. Darwin's acknowledgement that humans are animals contradicted religious myths of special creation. Darwin suggested a simple mechanism by which biological evolution had occurred, contradicting the creation myth in Genesis. The furor increased after the 1871 publication of The Descent of Man.

The religious powers-that-were need not have worried – the religiously-deluded public has repeatedly demonstrated its extraordinary ability to cling to delusions in the face of the facts. Nowhere is this more true than in the Uninformed States of America.

In the map below, the level of lucidity (rationality) of counties with in the US is colour-coded from red (least informed) to blue (best informed). The colour coding is based on polling in 2004.

In 1989, on the 130th anniversary of Origin's publication, American creationists mutated into cdesign proponentsists.

They need not have worried that this transparent substitution mutation would do them great harm – except in Dover, Pennsylvania – because evolutionists already knew that IDiocy was creationism, and donate-to-God-causes creationists care nothing about truth.

"On the Origin of Species" was published on November 24, 1859. Darwin's works are available at The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online.

We ought not be surprised that creationists would use the occasion of the 150th anniversary of publication of "Origin" to attempt to scam money. Even though Cameron and Comfort claim to have the intention of saving American society from the ravages of atheism, it is highly likely that they will retain a considerable portion of any money raised through the donations of credulous sheeple.

Best policy for evolutionists and atheists? On November 19th, pop down to one of the 50-100 targetted universities and secure your copy of "Origins", complete with 50 pages of lies compiled by Comfort.