The Chief Enemy of Reason

Why do religionists cling to the myth that many manifestations of the physical – human consciousness, for example – necessarily include a non-physical component?

The most obvious explanation is that these individuals fail to comprehend the mechanism of an activity that, unlike muscular activity, is not clearly experientially linked to the physical. Such failure to comprehend relies upon deliberately ignoring well known facts – anaesthetics reversibly eliminate consciousness, head injury can permanently eliminate consciousness, e.t.c. Even religionists are acquainted with these facts – they simply refuse to interpret them correctly.

That is, the more prevalent mechanism of collective-refusal-to-comprehend is to be explained by prescribed ignorance – deliberate ignorance that is intended to protect the myth of supernatural intervention.

As soon as a supposed supernatural entity has interacted with the physical, then that purported supernatural agent has entered the realm of the physical and has abandoned supernatural status. Those religions that include creation myths necessarily make a claim that the supernatural has interfered with the physical. How else could the physical have arisen through any agency? This creation-interaction must, by definition, reduce, or elevate, the supernatural to the physical. Goodbye special supernatural status. Goodbye deities. Goodbye special creation. Goodbye the comfort of being in love with a myth. Goodbye an eternity of loving reward for being delusional.

Religion is the chief enemy of reason.

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