A quick quiz

Unicorn design on Canadian Parliament Building(It's actually sandstone – I modified the colour to make the clue a little clearer.)

If you watch "Jeopardy!", you will quickly discover that most Americans know almost nothing about Canada. In case you are already puzzled, Canada is the nation north of the US border that is widely blamed for any cold weather that hits the US. (We blame the Arctic.)

Now that our current political crisis has made it onto CNN, Americans might know more.

I'll stop joking about America by revealing that most Canadians know very little about Canada's system of government.

Just for fun:

Who is the Head of State in Canada?
a. Prime Minister
b. American President
c. Governor General
d. British monarch

Canadian form of government?
a. Direct democracy
b. Republican democracy
c. Constitutional monarchy
d. Theocracy
e. Dictatorship

Do Canadian voters directly elect the Prime Minister?
a. Yes
b. No

Can the Governor General to refuse to call an election after a non-confidence vote?
a. Yes
b. No