Is nothing sacred?

No. Not when French & Saunders take the mickey.

Nothing New Under the Sun

"As the Christian communities became established, they sometimes faced opposition from Jews and pagans who saw this new faith as a threat and suspected its adherents of engaging in immoral and socially destructive practices (just as new religious movements today are often regarded with suspicion). This opposition sometimes led to local persecutions of Christians; eventually the persecutions became “official,” as Roman administrators intervened to arrest Christians and try to force them to return to the old ways of paganism. As Christianity grew, it eventually converted intellectuals to the faith, who were well equipped to discuss and dismiss the charges typically raised against the Christians. The writings of these intellectuals are sometimes called apologies, from the Greek word for “defense” (apologia). The apologists wrote intellectual defenses of the new faith, trying to show that far from being a threat to the social structure of the empire, it was religion that preached moral behavior; and far from being a dangerous superstition, it represented the ultimate truth in its worship of the one true God. These apologies were important for early Christian readers, as they provided them with the arguments they needed when themselves faced with persecution."

Bart D. Ehrman, Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why, HarperOne, 2005. 26-27
Miquoting Jesus - Edited Edition (playlist of lecture at Stanford University, 2007)

Burn Again

I have decided to supplement my income by creating posters for CADs - I'm thinking of calling it "Burn Again".

In case you think that I am making all of these up:
I have seen "burn in hell" and "God bless" in a single short statement.
I have seen a religionist conservative defend Haggard's hypocritical anti-homosexual comments on the basis that they were against homosexuals, so who cares if Haggard was being hypocritical?
Abortion doctors have been killed by religious nutters.

Where have all the followers gone?

Where have all the followers gone?


Largest groups:

Percentage of Deluded:

Eastern Christian:

Eastern Non-Christian:


My favorite – potential atheists:


. Inverse Correlations .


So much for Rorschach - I'm a dog-lover!

Most cats of my acquaintance seem to think that they are gods, so perhaps this winking kittifestation is appropriate.