Telekinesis and the Supernatural

Using the power of my mind, I can raise a coffee cup to my lips – usually without spilling a drop.

Telekinesis? Nah, I use my mind to activate my arm.

I can sometimes read minds – usually imperfectly.

Mind-reading? Nah, I base my 'readings' upon observation of facial expression, body language, and tone of voice, and upon my knowledge of the particular individual and of human psychology in general. (Too many people foolishly assume that others ought to be able to read their minds, and to accordingly respond to their needs.)

What about all those folk who claim – usually for monetary reward – to read minds, commune with the dead, or fortell the future? It only works well in movies and TV programs. The claimants perform no better than an educated or, more often rigged, guess.

The One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge began as a $100 challenge by a stage magician and scientific skeptic named James Randi in 1968. The challenge will be discontinued in 2010.
"To date, over 1,000 applications have been filed but no one has passed a preliminary test, which is set up and agreed upon by both Randi and the
That's right "agreed upon by . . . the applicant." The prize could be raised to $1 billion and still the money would be safe. None of the applicants could possibly have the powers they claim, because the supernatural exists only in the minds of the credulous, emotionally desperate, or determinedly ignorant.

This post was prompted in reaction to regurgiquoted spam posted irrelevantly as a comment on Natural Selection of Mouth.

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