Taking Christ out of Christianity

Please do!

At this time when the deluded are "celebrating" the death and supposed resurrection of a mythical figure that appears to have never even historically lived, the following seemed appropriate.

A United Church minister in a suburb of Toronto "has written a book, published this week - With or Without God: Why the Way We Live is More Important than What We Believe - in which she argues that the Christian church, in the form in which it exists today, has outlived its viability and either it sheds its no-longer credible myths, doctrines and dogmas, or it's toast." [G&M]

I'd vote for toast.

"Other Christian clergy and theologians have talked about the need to dramatically reform the doctrines of a faith that, with the exception of its vibrancy in the United States, has lost huge numbers of adherents throughout the Western world it once dominated as Christendom. In Canada, where 75 per cent of the population self-identifies as Christian, only about 16 per cent attend weekly services."
That is why I'm eternally [kidding] grateful that I live in Canada and not in America. Britain, by the following account, is ahead of Canada.

"A number of leading theologians in Britain - where the decline in adherents is more dramatic than in Canada - are on the same path, people like Richard Holloway, former bishop of Edinburgh and primate of the Scottish Episcopal (Anglican) Church, who has likened the Christian church to a self-service cafeteria stacked with messy trays of leftover food urgently in need of being thrown out."
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