Religion Poisons Everywhere

I have posted very little lately because I discovered that YouTube has movies in addition to those too-prevalent junk videos. The good videos can be difficult to find because they are buried deep, so I decided to post this wonderful movie here (just follow the "next" trail).

Water exposes the harm done to people by religious edicts, and reveals the original selfish motivation behind the invention of this particular religious superstition. The movie is in Hindi with English subtitles, yet is quite easy to follow because dialogue is minimalist.

view NEXT.

Water was directed by Indian/Canadian, Deepa Mehta as part of her Elements Trilogy and was nominated for an Academy Award. Mehta lost out to the multi-award winner, The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen).

Deepa Mehta, Water,


Disgustipated said...

I found this website a while back, they have every movie there is there, and tons of documentaries and tv shows as well.. they provide you with the link and voile! Streaming goodness!

It is

No sign up just read what those peeps post and click the linkage!!!! Most are google and youtube links.

Arcanum said...

Thanks, disgustipated, I'll check it out.

Rainedaye said...

Wow that was a good movie. Thanks for sharing.

Arcanum said...

You're welcome, raineday. I thought it was a great movie.