Rolly Polly Revisited

Taking a hint from Vjack, Mojoey, and Jon Swift, here's my embryonal, alphabetical blogroll. I shall add to it as I find (and recall!) blogs that I like.

If you think that I have overlooked your blog as the result of some terrible error or glitch in the system, such as my failure to discover your atheist / evolution / humanist / liberal / philosophical / science / skepticism blog, feel free to let me know in a comment. (Results not guaranteed, but it’s worth a try, eh?)

For convenience, I'll put a link to this blogroll post in the sidebar too (technorati ignores sidebar blogrolls when assessing page rank.)

Jon Swift noted: "Although I haven't made a scientific survey, I have noticed that for the most part the blogrolls on the top conservative blogs tend to be bigger than the blogrolls on top liberal blogs."

Interesting! Could it be that there are more conservative blogs, that conservatives are more likely to support the in-group, have more time to read other blogs, a combination of these factors, or something else?

A Whore in the Temple of Reason
Black Sun Journal
Greta Christina's Blog
Planet Atheism
Why Dont You Blog?


Developing Intelligence
Greg Laden's Blog

Philosophy oriented
Atheist Ethicist
Barefoot Bum
Evolving Thoughts
Five Public Opinions
Metamagician and the Hellfire Club
The Thinkers’ Podium
The Uncredible Hallq

Cosmic Variance
Life before death
Primordial Blog

Pat Condell

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