Religionist Enemy Number One

The Wizard of Oz maintaining Dorothy's delusional world from behind a curtain.Technically, religionists seem to fear lots of mysterically-inflated enemies (real and imagined).

It strikes me that most American fundamentalists have nothing to fear but truth itself.

Because American fundamentalists, Fistians, don't have so many real enemies as Jews and Middle Easterners have historically suffered under, fundies must invent and exaggerate threats.

One threat comes from the direction of scientific understanding, so Fistians try to chop down, or at least uproot, the Tree of Knowledge.

From BGH at Information Paradox:

“NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Taylor County School Board of Taylor County, Perry, Florida, that the Board urges the State Board of Education to
direct the Florida Department of Education to revise the new Sunshine State Standards for Science such that evolution is not presented as fact, but as one of several theories.”
Well, scientists don’t actually claim that Darwin’s theory of evolution is a fact, or even that Darwinism is the best current theory. Scientists merely state that natural selection operates as a mechanism of biological evolution and that the ‘modern synthesis’ represents the best current explanation for the demonstrable fact of biological evolution.

Why do I not believe that this is what the Taylor County School Board intends? Presumably theirs is the latest bid to foist creationist stupidity onto minds too uneducated to know the difference between scientific fact and religious fiction. (It gets worse!)

Why would a school board seek to undermine the teaching of science? For any who are visiting from another planet and have not yet heard of this outrage, I can explain in two words: religious delusionism.

Which probably also explains why people persist in voting the terminally ignorant onto school boards.

Vjack reports on a survey that "found a relationship between one's understanding of science and one's support for teaching evolution, indicating that those who know more about science are more likely to support evolution as a part of science education."

No surprises there. Those who understand the findings of science are much more likely to want accurate science taught in classrooms. The tragedy is that some of those who are vigorously promoting intelligent design creationism actually do know some science. Those proponents of IDiocy are merely being dishonest as well as deluded.

Of, FASEB Joins Coalition of Scientific Societies in Urging Scientists to Promote Evolution Education, vjack concludes:

“Specifically, the coalition is concerned that creationism and its pseudo-scientific cousin, intelligent design, are undermining science education.”

What is so dangerous about science education that necessitates its undermining? Sacred slut sums it up:

"But given what we know about the universe today in the 21st century, would anyone come up with "god" as an answer to how the universe came into being?

I say no."

That's it in a nutshell – no science-educated person would invent supernaturalist delusions, outside science fiction novels, to replace much better, more wondrous explanations.

Religious delusion is fatally circular in so many aspects, not least in paranoid arguments. This involves the deluded fear that some kind of catastrophe could result from discovering the Wizard behind the Curtain. They believe their own propaganda about the inevitable moral mayhem that could result from pulling the wool from their own eyes.

However, if they truly believed in the Rapture, they should welcome moral mayhem as a precipitating condition for the apocalyptic end-times that promise their eternal reward for blind faith. Perhaps they have heard of the many "End is Nigh" predictions that have come to naught.

After all, here we still are.

Religionists are scared of scientific knowledge because, at some deep level that they are too scared to admit, science refutes the creation mythology in Genesis.

Religionists are so scared of knowledge that many, such as the creationist family in "God's Christian Warriors", are homeschooling their children to ensure that they cannot bite the forbidden fruit of secular knowledge. If the evidence supported religionist beliefs, then creationists would not need to attack science or set up defenses against the intrusion of knowledge.

Those who wish to impose their religious views on society are well aware that the Idea of God must be instilled into children while they are still stuck in the magical-thinking stage. As sacred slut suggests, let any child, even a child of average intelligence, grow to adulthood before attempting to convince them that some old book holds more "Truth" than empirical facts, and that mind will most likely have escaped religion's clutches. Only early indoctrination can keep the synagogues, mosques, and churches filled with individuals willing to put an inculcated obsession ahead of humanity.

Catch 'em young and many of them will never outgrow magical thinking because some are not genetically endowed with the cognitive powers to overcome illogic. Religionists seem unwilling to grasp the fact that atheists have escaped religious indoctrination through the operation of critical thinking rather than that atheists are victims of scientific cultism, naturally immoral, or incapable of emotional response.

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