Not aphorism . . .

The pagan Norse god, Thor.Not aphorism, athorism.

This is lack of belief in Thor, the pagan 'thunder' god, son of the chief 'fury' god, Odin and of the Earth goddess, Jörð.

Handy guy to have on your side if you happen to be warlike, which explains how such gods came to be invented. Thousands of deities have been invented, and believed in, over human prehistory – many of their names were simply lost to time.

Many Scandinavians believed in Thor, and Odin, and Loki, for that matter, but did Thor ever actually exist?

Of course, it can't be proved that Thor never existed – outside the myth.

Do we no longer believe in Thor because there is no evidence for Thor's existence – beyond all the images and folklore, that is?

No, belief in Thor was demonized by early Christian missionaries in Scandinavia. 'Heaven' forbid, literally, that Christians permit a rival god.

So, despite the fact that Thor's nonexistence cannot be proven, do we merely no longer believe that Thor existed or do we believe that Thor never existed outside the mythologies?

It's a safe bet that you are quite sure that Thor never existed outside mythology. (If you do believe in Thor, post your address and someone will arrange for a visit from men in white coats.)

This is all pretty obvious, so why this post?

Under the title, There is no God, KC on Bligbi asked, concerning theists, "Why is this such a bad thing to say?"

I agree, there is no God. Can't prove it, of course, because it is logically impossible to disprove a nonexistence. I don't think that it's a bad thing to say that there is no God. Obviously, far too many theists assume that saying such a thing indicates that the speaker has horns. I also agree with frustrated atheists from KC to Dawkins, that it is long past the time when we should be politely mollycoddling delusional irrationality.

What stuns me, though, are not the numbers of passionately-deluded theists who react negatively to no-God statements, but the number of atheists who cannot bring themselves to firmly state that they do not believe in God because there is no God.

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