Whiney Candyasses

I borrowed the post title from a line in Private Benjamin, where a fellow recruit tells Goldie Hawn's character, "I never met such a whiney candyass as you."

IDiots parade illogical arguments from analogy that they have borrowed from a 200 year-old failed argument from design. And IDiots are whiney candyasses, who even make slick movies about the rejection of their pseudoscience by bona fide scientists.

Despite collecting contributions from their credulous groupies for more than ten years, IDiots have conducted no scientific research in support of supposedly-scientific IDiocy and have not published any articles that advance scientific knowledge in reputable, peer-reviewed journals.

They publish only on websites and blogs, where they manipulate and misrepresent information in illogical, polemicist rants. Even their mascot biochemist, Michael Behe has not produced one piece of scientific research into his now largely abandoned, repeatedly disproven fantasy of "irreducible complexity". Behe has published another book of deceptive pseudoscience for his creationist audience, so he is presumably content with royalties from his latest sci fi opus in lieu of research to demonstrate God's hand in evolution.

Front cover of the October 2001 edition of Scientific American that ran Gonzalez's article.One of the latest whines about rejection? Iowa State University decided, as is its right, not to extend tenure to creationist, Dr Guillermo Gonzalez. Universities decide not to offer tenure to many legitimate 'rookie' scientists. Like any good self-styled victim, Guillermo is fighting the decision on grounds of supposed religious discrimination. "I was surprised and a little depressed. . . I almost decided not to turn in an appeal, but several friends convinced me to do so. This might have precedent, so it was important for me to go through it for the sake of others who might go through this in the future." One imagines that the "friends" were probably Fellows of the misnamed Discovery Institute, which has happily taken up the cause with affronted protestations of prejudiced victimization.

Promachoteuthis sulcus (I'm sure PZ won't mind) seems an apt image for the mouthpiece of ID tentacles.DI, CSC, ISCID, Evolution News & Views, Evolution is Dead, Uncommon Descent, and crony Denyse O'Leary's several proliferations are all arms of the same creationist octopus (excuse the insult to cephalopods), so the same unit is whining on multiple websites, as though this makes the message any more truthful. Bill Dembski, on Uncommon Descent goes so far as to accuse Scientific American of conspiring against poor Guillermo, claiming that this article (Refuges for Life in a Hostile Universe) is missing. For a more accurate accounting, professor of religion at ISU, Dr Hector Avalos has provided background details to PZ at Pharyngula.

When they are not whining thus, IDiots conduct lucrative lecture tours where they plagiarize the product of legitimate science, pass it off as their own work, then make belated, weasely nonpologies when exposed.

IDiots have campaigned vociferously and manipulatively to damage the science education of America's high school students and to insinuate the teaching of religion in contravention of the Constitution. Despite court decisions against the illegal teaching of creationism in classrooms, creationist-loaded school boards and departments of education continue their pro-creation, anti-evolution witchhunts.

Why? It is a well-established fact that educated individuals who are first exposed to religious dogma in adulthood are unlikely to be deluded into belief. To ensure the perpetuation of religious delusion, it is essential to indoctrinate children.

Why attempt to ensure continuance of religious delusion? To maintain political power and to promote an unfounded beliefs that only religious delusion will ensure that people will obey narrow, bigoted moralistic edicts.

Only continued religious delusion will ensure that donations will continue to flow in the desired direction, ensuring continued employment for those who otherwise would be unable to secure a well-paid position in a marketplace that demands competence and intellectual productivity.

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