Rev Jo All Revved and Ready to Roll


I'm not normally on the side of religion, but this farce demonstrates the idiocy of control-freakism.

One of my prime objections concerning religion concerns the fact that some conservative, fundamentalists are prone to control-freakism. The bottom line is that unfair stupidity is a problem no matter whether it emanates from religion or is directed against someone who just happens to be a minister of religion.

After 19 years with "REV JO" on her licence plates, some anal retentive at the Ministry of Transport decided that Reverend Joanne Sorrill's plates were suggestive of an invitation to road racing and refused to renew the plates. A Canadian-level uproar (read, subdued) ensued because a middle-aged minister is hardly likely even to appear to promote road racing, let alone do it.

Next, the MOT shifted their reasons for denial. A government review panel determined the letters "REV'' could denote an "alcoholic, cooler-type beverage'' of the same name, and denied the plate on the grounds it could be construed as promoting drinking and driving.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGinty stepped in and overruled this ridiculous decision, saying, "Every once in a while governments do things that bring themselves into disrepute; we can also do things that make ourselves outright laughable, (and) this is one of those instances.''

McGinty's overruling means that another resident will be able to replace his aging "HVF8TH (have faith)'' licence plates, despite having being told by the ministry they were unacceptable. Nauseating maybe, but even a life-long atheist such as I does not consider that objectionable.

Transportation Minister Jim Bradley reportedly defended the nine-member review panel that makes the decisions on vanity plates, insisting they have a tough job and that their work "is a difficult science.''

Please, please, Mr Bradley, matters are bad enough without taking the name of science in vain!

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