Omnia in Ventor

Life is full of interesting discoveries, so this blog will be a repository for sundry tidbits.

Life is also replete with irritants, so this blog will be a release valve, which could evolve (hint, hint) to be deliberately noisome to creationists and religious dogmatists, not to mention Regressive Conservatives and Republicans.

Latest Quiz – the image at left has been color-altered – what does it depict?

So, with tongue planted firmly in cheek . . .
å Dastardly Stubborn Mean IV Revised
å Do Canadians hate Americans?
å Do Americans hate Canadians?
å Fancy Ticklers
å Cartoons attacking Creationism
å Funny Ads
å God's Vacation
å Medieval Tech Support
å Dogs have more Fun
å A Little Taste of Heaven
å The Bathing Suit
With interest . . .
å Aboriginal Rock Art
å Battle to Regress
å Aboriginal Rock Art
å Explore Virtual Caves
å Through the Microscope Brightly
å What's in a Naturalism

It is with great irritation that we bring to you . . .
å Autivaccinism
å Delusion inversely correlated with FLQ
å Mythonuttery
å Pseudoscience Chicanery
å The Selfishness Gene

With relief . . .
å Jones' Kitzmiller vs Dover decision

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