A Must See

If there were any rational foundation for believing in religion, then there would be no need for rampant Christian paranoia about anything and everything that hints of disbelief. Purely on the basis of its boycott by neurotic religionists, I'd want to see The Golden Compass but this trailer suggests that the movie is probably worth seeing. . . or maybe not.

I liked Black Sun's tempered review, which takes a balanced view of the challenges facing the movie's director in trying to adapt a complex book for an audience of children: The Golden Compass.

There are more trailers here.


rmacapobre said...

i wonder if someone has kept a list of all children films banned by the catholic church.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point -- you could try googling the question.

I think that overtly anti-religious films are a comparatively new phenomenon, particularly anti-Catholic children's films.

However, as a kid (and as a adult), I was put off religion by religious films. Shhh! Don't tell the religionists that such movies can seem nauseating and illogical to young minds.