Crimes involving Bears

The internet is currently crammed with topical pictures of teddy bears – some sporting turbans, at least one holding a grenade, many named with variant spellings of Muhammed.

I get the impression that the lunacy of Islam has gone too far this time. Demands of respect for religion are more contemptible than ever when crowds of hate-filled lunatics take to the streets demanding that someone be killed for allowing children to endow a bear with the commonest male name in Islam.

I was delighted to hear that the sentence was judiciously lighter than the maximum, though even jailing is excessive. To suggest that anyone be killed for such an innocent trifle is utterly contemptible. These people verge on self-obsessed insanity. Not all Muslims, obviously, just the ignorant fundamentalists.

However, it's impossible to have any respect for a religion whose adherents subjugate and mutilate their own women, and who demand cruel and unusual punishments for even the most minor of transgressions. Perhaps we should dub this phase, the Deflowering of Islam, because what was once a sophisticated and tolerant religion has become regressive and intolerant.

Less notorious, though certainly dangerous, the sad, bedraggled little Paddington bear above left was implicated in 2,500 deaths in 2006.

Deaths of trout at a hatchery in Milford, New Hampshire, that is. It appears that the bear clogged a drain, blocking oxygen flow, and suffocating the hapless trout.

Speaking of 'crimes' associated with bears, the better dressed Paddington below right costs £139.00[$264.10]. Cute but costly.

Speaking of money and Islamic malevolence – the Dutch government, who should be ashamed of themselves, have abandoned Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Sam Harris has set up the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Security Trust to assist with the cost of protecting her from Islam for daring to speak out against some of its outrages. Also, is donating all proceeds from the sale of the AAIC 07 DVD to the fund.

The other crime involving bears concerns real live bears who are shot because their gallbladders, bile, and paws are valued as (utterly ineffective) alternative medicine by the Chinese. Whenever you read 'alternative medicine' consider that you are reading of a treatment that is ineffective – if it were effective and safe, then it would have been adopted as mainstream medical treatment.

Some people really are quite abominable.

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