Readability Scam

This version is NOT a scam
You might find the readability test amusing, but alter the code if you plan to post the image. However, you could do what I have done here – posted a modified version of the image and code.

The test is very rapid, so I suspect that it only scans the most recent post/s. You probably already have some idea of the readability level of your latest post.

Feel free to copy this image and post it to your blog, modified if necessary.

Just for fun, I rechecked this blogs "readability" level today (1/26/09). It came up as "college undergrad". I might have been insulted had not Pharyngula been assessed as "high school". PZ must not have used any interesting words, such as logodaedaly, in his few most recent posts.

Did you take the “blog readability test”?

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