Read the God Damned Book!

I'm not blaspheming (a victimless crime, in any case).

I am merely assuming that if there were a God, then He or She, would have placed The God Delusion on His or Her list of damned books. If God sees fit to bannish humans to eternal fires, then damning a book would not cause a twinge in the divine conscience.

Wouldn't religionists just love it if all copies of the book were to go up in a puff of malevolent smoke! That certainly would make headlines:
"God's Flaming Book Review."
"Holy Book Burning, Batman!"
"God consigns The God Delusion to Hell."
"Inflamed Allah Orders Fatwah against Books that Offend Religion."
"God proves He's offended by The God Delusion. Ergo, His Incendiary Temper PROVES He Must Exist!"

We must assume, on the basis of the fact that copies of The God Delusion have not undergone spontaneous combustion, that
a) He or She liked the book,
b) He or She is not sufficiently ominiscient to have 'read' the book,
c) He or She does exist but is not omnipotent enough to induce selective conflagrations,
d) He or She could not find willing book-burning dupes, or,
e) He or She does not exist.

The scarlet A is a clue to my pick.

On the website of a Slovenian student living in Australia, I found a good review of a Times article reviewing an anti-atheist book by John Cornwell. (Don't worry, the Slovenian's review is in English!) Here's my response on the topic of biased, religionist reviews of books that the reviewers have clearly not read . . .

. . . the image demonstrates that religionists can fake images too.

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