Desperate Measures

Judging by Mark Oppenheimer's balanced article in the New York Times, religious charlatans have been up to old tricks. Or should I say have stooped down to new tricks of befriending an ageing atheist philosopher in order to feed him pseudoscience ("these biological discoveries") in hope of promoting creationism.

I don't care whether or not Anthony Flew has changed his position, which is his prerogative, but I do object that religionist polemicists appear to have used the old fella and stolen his name.

I've been reading articles and blog explanations and watching videos. Here, for example, is creationist Lee Strobel trying to put words into Anthony Flew's mouth. To give Flew credit, despite his obviously failing capacities, he stuck to his deist guns and rejected Strobel's afterlife implant.

The supposed debate with Gary Habermas was a typical display of nauseating scriptural absolute statements with minimal air-time for Flew's input. I only watched part 1 due to nausea–I felt about as green as Habermas looks. If you have strong stomach, here are pt2, pt3, pt4, and pt5.

In the final analysis, none of this verbiage alters the question of existence of a supernatural SkyPoppa Creator. One man's opinion, whether or not it reflects a genuine change of position, does not make or break the case for atheism or theism. Theists obviously believe that it does, but theists have a terrible track record when it comes to discerning fact from fantasy.

It surely does make the religious quacks appear desperate, though.

Here's Richard Dawkins response that he is dissapointed in the failing intellect demonstrated by Flew's acceptance of Behe's arguments and of the myth of Darwin's falsely-reported "deathbed conversion". Dawkins is moderate on the question of agnosticism, but rejects the intelligent design pseudobiology.

More opinons: Roy Varghese and the exploitation of Antony Flew : Add Lee Strobel to your list of contemptible ghouls


overcaffein8d said...

i misread the author and thought it said "Satan W. Wallace"


Anonymous said...

LOL, I hadn't noticed the possibility for a Freudian name-flip!

That reminds me of a "Vicar of Dibley" episode where the vicar is giving a special service 'for the animals'.

A biker type has brought along his Springer Spaniel and the vicar asks the dog's name.

The biker says, "Satan" and the vicar responds, "Brave of him to come at all, really."

You may have had to see the episode to find it funny.