Canadians Can be Stupid Too

It's embarrassing.

Alberta is home to Canada's oil boom, a dinosaur lagerstatte, and Bible Belt Idiots.

In the poky little town of Big Valley, a couple of creationist nincompoops have wasted $300,000 on Canada's answer to Ham's Idiocy.

In ungrammatical, deceitful displays, the museum's co-owners claim to demonstrate that the Flood occurred (misinterpreted glacial erratics) but that evolution did not (the notorious and discredited bacterial flagellum). Copying Ham's propaganda, the museum duplicitously claims that dinosaurs were contemporaneous with humans.

(Sure, if you wish to acknowledge that birds are the modern descendents of therapod dinosaurs. Their "terrible lizard" relatives died out ~65 million years ago.)

Back to the museum. Needless to say, this Canadian example of creationist nonsense is arousing detractors from amongst the intelligentsia. And the merely educated, for that matter.

Every such example of Lies-for-God merely serves to underline the errancy of the Bible.

CBC Archives digital video clip A Canadian home for creationism.

From a creationist who is homeschooling her children (presumably to protect them from knowledge):

"The evidence has been proven against evolution."

It did not surprise me that she does not comprehend that evidence demonstrates something, strictly does not prove anything other than its own existence, and that one does not 'prove evidence'. Other than that, she is completely incorrect. The evidence demonstrates the fact of biological evolution. It happened. The evidence falsifies the metaphysical claims in Genesis.

From an unconvinced university student:

"As a student, as a free-thinker, it's important to be open-minded. And see both sides of the story without actually subscribing to one or the other."

He got the first sentence right. With respect to creationism versus evolution, he flunked in his second sentence. It is actually important for students to learn critical thinking. It is essential to to learn to detect when claims are based on lack of evidence, or on distortion of evidence. It is vital to recognize when scientific theories are supported by empirical data, and are internally consistent within the body of current knowledge. Accepted theories have repeatedly withstood attempts at falsification. Those theories that were falsified become part of the history of science, just as myths that are no longer accepted become part of mythology. Indoctrinated myths that are still widely believed are protected by their undeserved inclusion in theology.

Not only is the Bible not a science text, it is not backed by archaeological evidence, and nor are any of the supposedly historical events independently supported by contemporary writers.

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