Stupidity, Lies, and Videotape

Creationist liars appear to be getting ever more desperate to eliminate the truth about the fact of biological evolution.

Sir David Attenborough's award winning natural history programmes have been broadcast in Holland having suffered removal of references to evolution, speciation, hominid descent, and timescales involving millions of years. Evangelische Omroep (EO, Evangelical Broadcasting) is clearly a religious nutbar creationist organization that is frightened by Charles Darwin's ideas. Dutch scientists have signed a petition of protest against this deceptive travesty.

Apparently, creationist ideas of morality in Holland, just as in other countries with literalist nutbars, do not regard lying as a morally reprehensible act. How convenient for their purpose of promoting ignorance and delusion in the vain hope of getting into heaven.

Dutch scientists are outraged, as is an American biologist and vocal atheist, PZ Myers:

"I've had some people complain that we ought to reserve our outrage for the big
stuff, the dramatic crap the creationists try to pull. I'm going to have to
disagree. The little stuff that nibbles away at accurate information and slowly
destroys the public education of science that must be confronted just as

I agree with him. All such deceptions call for vocal response. Creation is disproven by the fact of biological evolution–period.

"I'm with [PZ]. Keep on these liars, and expose every disgusting little
deceit they pull: every little quote-mine, every little omission, every little
misrepresentation, every little lie they tell.

Unfortunately, it seems that only the atheist and scientific
communities know that these frauds only survive by their lies. Most moderates
recognise that these people are fundamentalist freaks with only a tenuous grasp
of reality, but few seem to recognise how debauched and deceitful they

After all, these pious profligates been trying to paint the scientific
community as covering up a 'Darwinist conspiracy' for years. The difference is,
the scientific community can survive scrutiny; in fact, it thrives on it. Not so
these bags of bile." Brownian October 4, 2007 1:16 PM Creationists rewrite natural history

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