Religion is a Danger to Health

Why are religionists so obstinately stupid? I'm serious with this question.

Despite all evidence that their moralistic proscriptions–threats of Hell notwithstanding–simply do not work, religious officials continue to ignore both human nature and science. The latest in a long list of obtuse church crimes against humanity comes from Latin America.

Reuters reports from Tegucigalpa that ineffective exhortations of sexual abstinence combined with demonization of condom use, is promoting the rapid spread in Latin America of HIV/AIDS in Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

According the UN AIDS program, UNAIDS, new cases increased to 410,000 in 2006, up from 320,000 new cases in 2004.

Where in the Bible does it say, "though shalt not wrap it in latex"?

Not all Catholic priests are able to maintain a sexually continent state despite having taken 'sacred' vows to do remain celibate, so how can the church reasonably expect uneducated young people to deny themselves one of the few pleasures available to impoverished peoples?

Brazil, the region's largest Catholic nation, is behaving much more sensibly and admirably, and regularly distributes free condoms in an attempt to reduce HIV infection rates.

Elsewhere : Catholic condom ban helping to spread AIDS .

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