Ablate-X pandemic

Let’s imagine for a moment that the world has been be struck by a bizarre 'ablate-X' viral pandemic.

This virus very selectively targets human brains, and print, magnetic, celluloid, and CD/DVD data. Ablate-X specifically blanks all religious-belief-related printing and all Scriptures, wipes all religiously-related magnetic data and CD/DVDs, destroys celluloid dealing with religious topics, and wipes all long and short-term memory of religious dogma.

Initially after infection by ablate-X, the formerly religious of the world wonder what the purpose of churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples could ever have been. Ablate-X has destroyed religious memes, rendering the structures and icons meaningless.

Gradually, the impact of acute infection recedes and the formerly religious of the world realize that these structures and icons signify similar beliefs to those infered from archaeological evidence of prehistoric belief systems.

Morality persists because humans had already evolved emotionally-determined moral feelings and had already developed a contract-based moral philosophy. The pandemic has eradicated anti-humanist, religiously-dictated, absolutist moral proscriptions, so a contractual humanist moral philosophy comes to prevail evenly across all peoples. People continue to feel the same sense of purpose, community, connection, and love of beauty that they had formerly misattributed to religious belief. They recognize that love of others and of beauty are a gift endowed by the simple fact of being human.

With all emotion-laden memory erased, individuals are able to go about their business freed of worries about salvation and religious hatreds. The divisions between peoples of the world are reduced to differences of economic conditions and of non-religious cultural features. The geographical, educational, and economic inequalities persist, but governments are better able to work upon solutions now that all are freed of illogical other-antagonistic assumptions.

Some years following the ablate-X pandemic, human and physical meme traces return to normal. Infected individuals recall the didactic content of what they had forgotten. However, they have lived so long without the emotional baggage that originally accompanied the didactic material that information about forgotten mythologies does not cause a regression. The virus-infected data reverts to its pre-pandemic condition. The world now has the memetic information back, just as we now know of the memetic didactics of abandoned mythologies. Those who have recovered from the pandemic now know what they have escaped and they are grateful for the infection of ablate-religion. Virologists keep ablate-X alive in laboratories just in case another epidemic is needed to treat future outbreaks of religiosity.

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