God's Vacation

I could not resist this one:

The archangel Gabriel tells God he's concerned:

"You've been working pretty hard, Lord, creating stuff and running the universe and all that. You deserve some time off."

"Well, Gabe, I did rest on the seventh day, you know."

"Sure, Lord, but that was a long time ago. Why don't you knock off for a couple of weeks, go somewhere quiet, and just relax?"

"Anyplace in particular you recommend, Gabe?"

"I'd suggest one of those outlying planets where not much ever happens. How about a vacation on Earth?"

"For Christ's sake, Gabe, don't you remember? I took my last vacation there! It's a pest-hole of gossipy small-minded provincials, even if I do say so myself. I started out having a great time. Met this cute little Jewish girl, had a bit of a fling, but it's two thousand years later and they're still talking about it!"

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