Apologists make Apologies for God

Strictly, apologetics is concerned with the systematic defense of a position, though the term is very often applied to Christian apologetics – systems of defense for claims of an existence for God.

Examining arguments concerning religion, one quickly notices the slippery nature of many informal Christian arguments.

"God works in mysterious ways," translates as, "Natural events provide no consistent, incontrovertible evidence of action by a deity."

The universal failure of theology and philosophy to provide an internally consistent system of religious explanation is explained away as, "We cannot presume to understand or explain God."

In my atheistic, empiricism-based opinion, we owe the existence of life on this planet to the operation of natural laws, which means that Nature is the Creator, and that scientists are the true theologians. Although, scientific deciphering of those natural laws that brought about biopoiesis and biological evolution has proved time consuming, science is able to provide a reproducible, internally consistent system of explanation. Where explanation is beyond the bounds of experimental possibility, scientists can more legitimately explain the limitations of scientific method than apologists can apologize away their philosophical tensions. In essence, truth, though often surprising, is internally consistent, whereas man-invented religious explanations are fraught with inconsistency.

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