Apologetic Failures

The promotion of religion is based on the appeal of ceremony and apologetic arguments that are convincing only to the already convinced.All arguments for the existence of gods, viz supernatural entities, have been refuted or have failed. Fideism and deism have become the last refuges of refuted theology.

Modern apologetics has fallen back on emotional apologetics, which fails in its turn because religion is not necessary for moral conduct, community, or the attainment of a sense of psychological purpose.

Modern science has disproven the physical claims within the Book of Genesis and miraculous claims within the Bible, and has effectively demonstrated that physical death spells the end of consciousness.

Theological Apologetics
å Assailing the Ineffable
å Aristotle's Prime Mover
å Avicenna first mover
å Aquinas' arguments
å Cosmological Arguments
å Kalām cosmological argument
å Leibnizian Principle of Sufficient Reason
å Modal Ontological Argument . playlist
å Plato's First Mover
å Teleological Arguments

Emotional Apologetics
å Demands for Proof
å Desperate Measures
å What's Wrong with Religious Apologetics?
å When All Else Fails

History of Religion
å From UPA to Ineffable

å Anti-IDiocy resources
å Behe Retreats
å Complexity Reductio
å Dawkins refutes Behe
å Debunking IDiocy
å Jones' Kitzmiller vs Dover decision
å Ken Miller on Collapse of Intelligent Design
å Not So-Hidden IDiot Agendas
å Panstupidity and Jumbo-Mumbo
å Reducible Illogic
å Tick Tock
å Un-designed Intelligences
å Wedge Document
å What's intelligent . . . ?

a priori : a posteriori : Aquinas' Third Way : causation : Cogito argument : contingency : contingent vs necessary : dual-attribute monism : empiricism : epistemology : induction : inference : logic : mind-body : necessity : Occam's razor : possible worlds :

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