Dastardly Stubborn Mean IV Revised

The DSM IV R lists some standard personality disorders, yet it ignores others – I plan to fill the PD gap with some unclinical analysis.

Here's the lay-clinical version for reference:

"Personality refers to a distinctive set of traits, behavior styles, and patterns that make up our character or individuality. How we perceive the world, our attitudes, thoughts, and feelings are all part of our personality. People with healthy personalities are able to cope with normal stresses and have no trouble forming relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.

Those who struggle with a personality disorder have great difficulty dealing with other people. They tend to be inflexible, rigid, and unable to respond to the changes and demands of life. Although they feel that their behavior patterns are “normal” or “right,” people with personality disorders tend to have a narrow view of the world and find it difficult to participate in social activities."

Conservative Antisocial Disorder (CAD) .

Source National Mental Health Association.

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