Apologists, bigots, creationists, conservatives, eejits, religionists – call them what you will – most, if not all, have a tendency to resort to fallacies of logic and various other trickeries in vain attempts to make untenable points.

Why is trickery necessary?

Apologists, creationists, and religionists face the problem that they are arguing for the supposed existence of something for which there is no evidence or only grossly misinterpreted evidence.

Bigots and conservatives are arguing for something that they feel at a gut-level or a self-interested level, but which is difficult to justify by resort to logical argument. Feelings are feelings, and though feelings are based on assumptions about the world, they are not founded in logic.

Eejits? Well, eejits simply have not cognitively progressed beyond purely emotional thinking and are unaware of this blindingly obvious-to-others fact. Even if they were aware of it, they would probably still be incapable of logical thought. Not everyone is blessed with the ability to progress up to – or far beyond – the most basic formal operations that Piaget noted as a milestone of the average 11 year-old. It takes all kinds to make the world, and these people have human value as well as feelings that should not be trampled.

Why debate any of these tricksters? With the exception of those ill equipped to make or follow any logical argument – who should be left in blissful peace – there may be something to learn or indirectly gain through debate.

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