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First, let us be clear that we will not provide any direct links to blogs run by hate-mongerers and/or anti-science, pseudoscience-inventing, religious nutters because to do so would be to unwillingly lend "authority" to such nonsense. However, links to good websites and other blogs will be provided within posts.

Second, the links below will only link to posts on blogs run by informed persons.

Comments on Nicholas Wade's Before The Dawn: Foundation of Ethics

Hominid Evolution and the Out of Africa hypothesis: New research points to single origin of humans in Africa

A fun critique of creationist stupidity Things Creationists Hate from R.J. Higgins.

The following is from a delightfully facetious critique of ID mythologies:

“DI fellows have foisted their nonsense onto the American public. William
Dembski, the so-called "Newton of information theory" has concocted the
ill-defined "explanatory filter" and subjectively porous "specified complexity."
Perhaps when they call him "Newton" they mean to refer to the fruity cookie.
Michael Behe proposed "irreducible complexity" which has been threshed into
millet by so many scientists and engineers that the lawyers in the Kitzmiller v.
Dover trial made flour out of it and Judge Jones III baked the delicious cake of
his decision from Behe's grain.”
PZ Myers is always fun to read: here are some comments on the Argument from Imaginary Improbabilities (an appropriately irreverent critique of a piss-poor anti-athiesm argument).

Greta Christina on the problem of suffering in relation to APAKAG.

The Hoofnagle brothers on "denialism", that endemic cognitive disorder of religionists and conservatives.

Dawkins has come under attack for his A for Atheism T-shirts. Religious individuals are busily accusing Dawkins of founding a religious cult and a professor of the sociobiology of religion excited comments explaining recent atheistic responses.

The creation versus evolution debate "ought not to be a debate at all since only the scientific explanation is empirically supported" (lame arguments).

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