Anti-IDiocy resources

Intelligent Design? a special report reprinted from Natural History magazine :

Links recommended by Kenneth R. Miller, Ph.D.
» "Behe's Empty Box"Extensive material dealing with the flaws of Michael J. Behe's argument about "irreducible complexity."
» Brown University evolution resources
Additional resources on the intelligent design issue and calendar of talks on evolution on Kenneth R. Miller's evolution web page at Brown University.
» "Design on the Defensive"Kenneth R. Miller responds to Michael Behe's ideas about design. Includes links.

Review of Behe on NCSE

Links recommended by Robert T. Pennock, Ph.D.
» Tower of Babel: The Evidence Against the New CreationismRobert T. Pennock's book criticizes the arguments of intelligent design theory. This link downloads a PDF file of the first chapter, which discusses the relationship of intelligent design to other kinds of creationism.
» Articles and books by Robert T. PennockInformation on other publications by the author that analyzes intelligent design, including his anthology Intelligent Design Creationism and Its Critics: Philosophical, Theological and Scientific Perspectives which collects key articles by ID leaders together with critical responses.
» Michigan Citizens for ScienceProvides information to "promote quality science education in Michigan," and to defend against attempts to insert intelligent design in the curriculum.

Links recommended by Eugenie Scott, Ph.D.
» National Center for Science Education (NCSE)Nonprofit membership organization NCSE is "a nationally-recognized clearinghouse for information and advice to keep evolution in the science classroom and 'scientific creationism' out." The first link takes you to its home page; the second to Eugenie Scott's review of Robert T. Pennock's book Tower of Babel: The Evidence Against the New Creationism.
» "Antievolution: The Critic's Resource"This site "is for the critical examination of the antievolution movement. ...aims to provide links to both the antievolutionists making their own arguments and also to the critics who provide mainstream science answers to those arguments." The first link is to the home page and the second link is to an examination and critique of Jonathan Wells' views.
» "Talk Origins: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy"This site is "devoted to the discussion and debate of biological and physical origins." The first link takes you to numerous links examining Michael J. Behe's hypothesis of "irreducible complexity." The second link is a chapter-by-chapter critique of Jonathan Wells' book Icons of Evolution.
» Review of Icons of EvolutionMassimo Pigliucci, Ph.D., provides a critical review of Jonathan Wells' book and provides suggestions on how education should be improved so that students can understand the controversy better.

Useful links/resources for educators
» National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT)
NABT's current "Position Statement On Teaching Evolution" is presented.
» Evolution
This PBS site provides supplemental material to each of the seven episodes of the Evolution television series (9/01). Also available are video, web activities, lab activities, and teaching resources related to evolution.
» Triumph of Life
This PBS site is based on the six-part miniseries Triumph of Life (1/01) presented as part of the Nature series. The series describes the history of life on Earth and the best scientifically understood mechanisms for its current diversity. An evolutionary timeline and other web-based instructional resources are provided. A teacher’s guide in PDF format is available for download.
» Understanding Evolution
Contains an extensive section especially for teachers, giving advice on teaching evolution, lesson plans, ways to avoid confusing students, and answering common student questions. From the University of California Museum of Paleontology and the National Center for Science Education.

Useful links for student research
» Botanical Society of America's Statement on EvolutionA clear explanation of evolution as a scientific theory is given. This is contrasted with the ideas of Intelligent Design/Creationism.
» Evolution Website: BBC This 1998 site includes the full text of Darwin’s Origin of Species and an illustrated guide to the book. There are essays on Darwin and Darwinism for beginners to experts. Also included is the transcript of a question & answer session and a “Darwin Debate” with a panel of experts.
» Evolution Update: Research Center for Students and Teachers of BiologyAn extensive resource site, including links to "major news and scientific reports in evolutionary biology" and "web sites by topic."
» Creation vs. Evolution
This message board also includes links to “mainstream science press” as well as “advocacy sites” dealing with Creation Science and Intelligent Design.» Creation Science
The website for the Institute for Creation Research, a self-described “Christ-focused Creation Ministry."
» Intelligent Design
The website for the Access Research Network offers articles and educational materials from an Intelligent Design viewpoint.

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